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        Sinead is one of our big donkeys and our  Irish donkey. 

       She came to Clovelly just before Christmas 2007 from Northern Ireland. 

As befits an Irish donkey her name is Irish and is pronounced "Shin-ade".    In English it would be Jean or Jane.

       She is 12hh (48" or 1.2m at the shoulder) so she is bigger than the average English donkey.

 We bought her to breed with our French stallions, Samson and Pierre, who are even bigger than she is. Then we shall have some donkeys big enough to carry children who are too heavy for our smaller donkeys. 


Sinead's head

sinead with Jake          

Here is JakeyTed saying "Hallo" to Sinead on the day after she arrived. 


Sinead in Ireland1

Sinead in headcollar

Here is Sinead at her home in Ireland

(photos: the Irish Donkeys Website  )

 Age......9 in May  2013

 Size:12hh (48")

Donkey Brown

 Born: Northern Ireland


sinead from front

Sinead is very calm and friendly but likes to get her own way.

She often stands in our way and doesn't move when you push her.

She knows she is big and strong !

Sinead arrived on a dull winter's day.

By the time we got home dusk was falling.


in horsebox
on ramp

Sinead had travelled well.

Here she comes out of the trailer.

We let her meet a few of the donkeys at a time. 

staring at dog     with donkeys

others look

Jake and Jas look

A bit of following around, staring and sniffing.............. look over gate
with Bart

Sinead took it all in her stride.

She has a very sweet nature, loves attention and is very friendly.

However in real lady donkey style, despite having been here only a few weeks she is already the boss over all the geldings !

She has also made a best friend - here she is with our
donkey Toby with Charlie in the background.

She is much bigger than Toby but the same colour.

She stands with him, eats with him and waits for him.We are really pleased because Toby's own friend, Noah, happily goes off without him.

When Sinead had her first foal she turned Toby away and we think that is partly why Toby became ill and nearly died. As the foal grew up she accepted him back and he has made a steady recovery - and he is still allowed to share Sinead's hay which is something only her foal is allowed to do . 

with Toby and Charlie

ready for walk

Sinead is ready to go out for her first walk with the donkey riders.

Giffy, Oscar, Donk and Remus the mule are going too.

Here we are in the Hobby Drive. Sinead likes to go at her own pace - which is not too fast.

in hobby drive


 Sinead  knows how to beg....

and being tall she gets further than the others !


beg high up

>>>>    Baby Donkey

On 18th August 2008

Sinead had a  FOAL.   

Click here for Baby Kiwi's page.

She will be called Kiwi as it is an old Clovelly Donkey name and she looks just like our very dear old Kiwi who died in the winter of 2006. She will be Kiwi the third !

She is the first foal born in Clovelly for over 30 years.

with new foal 1 with new foal 2

No, we didn't know Sinead was pregnant !

Maybe we should have guessed...........
What a surprise !

in may kiss with toby in june
Here is Sinead in May having a nice ear-rub from Bart. Kissing with Toby in June - the tummy is getting fatter - is it due to eating lots of new grass?
in july in july again
At the beginning of July............  and at the end of July.....................


foal first day


on the 17th August,  2 days before.........


WELL DONE   Sinead !


foal few days old
2 Weeks old

kiwi older Here's Sinead and Kiwi at 1 year old .

(Hover your mouse over the picture)



That's Donk with the stripey legs.

In June Sinead made a visit to our handsome French stallion Pierre.
sin and Pierre

At first she made rude faces at him but she soon decided she liked him.


Sin looks at Pierre

In August Sinead gave her first Donkey Rides around our riding meadow.

Here is her first rider - her grandad lives in Clovelly and she helps with the donkeys in the summer holidays.

Sinead walks fast and is easy to lead so we think she likes doing donkey rides.Charlie is another fast donkey and he likes to go round with Sinead.

However she won't be giving rides for another year because next year she will be looking after her new foal.


sinead giving rides

jakejas, sinead, kiwi


Two sets of friends :-

Jasper and Jake

Sinead and Kiwi

March 2010


Kiwi is much bigger now !

Mother and baby asleep together.....



shin kiwi asleep

shin kiwi in street

Palm Sunday 2010

Sinead, Kiwi, Jake and Toby with humans  singing hymns in Clovelly village.


palm crosses
2 Weeks old

shin looking round


By May Sinead is looking rather round again


And on the 21st she has a new foal !

He is a handsome, black, frizzy little chap with very long ears and long legs - he's going to be a big chap !

He will be called Peter because his father is Pierre which is French for Peter and because it's an old Clovelly donkey name.

Click here for Baby Peter's page.



baby peter just born

 baby kiwi just born

Just a few hours old :-

Baby Kiwi

Baby Peter

Well done again Sinead ! 


And Then Sinead went to visit Pierre's friend Samson.

 sam follow shin sam shin on hills

sam talk to shin

 shin with sarah

And on Easter Monday Sarah was born !

She was so bouncy we call her our
Easter Bunny .

Well done Again Sinead !!

Click here for Baby Sarah's page.

easter bunny

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