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Peter head


Baby Peter was born on 21st May..

His mother is Sinead, our big Irish donkey, and his father is Pierre, one of our big French donkeys. His big sister is Baby Kiwi

When he was born he had very long legs, a long tail and his ears were so big that the ends were flapping in the wind ! Since then he has grown 1/2 an inch a week. He's going to be a big boy !

He is very friendly but also very independent.He is supposed to follow his Mum but often she follows him - and when she catches up with him she gives him a big push in the side ! Sinead is a very good Mum but we think he tries her patience !



Peter baby head

Age..2 - Born on May 21st

 Size: growing fast !

 Colour: Black with a white nose, white tummy and eye patches.

 Born: Clovelly


Here's Mum



Here's Dad


Here is Baby Peter just 2 hours old.


When he was born his coat was jet black and frizzy. His ears were so long that the ends wobbled in the wind.

The next day he ventured out into the yard for the first time.


Then followed his Mum out to the field. He was very excited !



In the next week he learnt to walk in his
' baby-handle '
...........................and to pose for his fans.
                                  (Roll your mouse over the picture)


We call this his 'suitcase' picture because he looks as if he's on wheels.



He checks out the buckets - big sister Kiwi has told him they were fun to play with.



<<<<<Here he is at 2 weeks old.


At 3 weeks he's getting even more fluffy.




Here he is with his Mum Sinead at 5 weeks old.

She's a very good mum and protects him  when he's asleep.



<<<<< July

Sinead, Peter and Big Sister Kiwi

That's Jasper in the background wearing his sunhat.


July - 6 weeks old

<<<< Sinead and Peter

>>>>> Jake, Jasper and Peter

In July Peter met all the other donkeys. He is so independent that he went straight off to talk to them. At first Sinead told them to go away but she soon gave up !

Kiwi was worried when Sinead chased her away and she had to kiss with Uncle Toby for comfort. However it wasn't long before all four were back together again. 

Sinead still protects Peter though if she thinks the others are getting too pushy .




Here he is with Sinead in August.

He's looking very big - he's been growing half an inch a week !



He's even bigger in September and the sun has turned his fluffy coat brown. 

He has a lovely long fluffy mane too - but, like his father Pierre, he doesn't have any back or shoulder stripes. 



Mother Sinead is in the stable eating her breakfast. Kiwi and Peter would like some too.

Peter has learnt to eeoore .

He's not as loud as Pierre, his dad, yet - but he's growing ! 


peteandkiwi eeore    


May 2011

Peter is so big you can only just see Sinead behind him !

He's SO handsome!


Peter loves to play and he loves the toys we use for Parelli training.

Click here for our Parelli page

petebarrel The barrel makes a good noise when you push it around on the cobbles !

You can do all sorts of things with a plastic sheet ......

(roll your mouse over the picutres)

pete tarpaulin

...and then there are cones....

petecone petecone2



.......bits of plastic for playing tunes on the cobbles....


petetoss mat ani

pete eat rucksack

...whole tarpaulins.......

and even Sarah's rucksack !


When you have finished playing you can......



Stand around with Kiwi


kiss with Toby



petenosebarry nosey....


get your nose through the tack room window.........


petenose in window

......wrestle with your old friend Noah.

Noah has been a special friend to Peter ever since Peter was born.

Unfortunately he has grown a lot bigger than Noah and Noah is an old boy so we have to keep an eye on things to see they don't get too rough !

(roll your mouse over the picture)

In August our helper Sarah put a saddle on Peter for the first time. He can't be ridden until he is 5 yrs old but he can learn what it is a;; about so that he is ready.

Here's Sarah getting him used to the feel of the saddle and girths by using approach-and-retreat so as not to scare him.

He's not bothered ! 
Mr Cool ! 

pete girths

What a handsome boy !

pete saddled

petesarah walk

Here he is in August

going for a walk

with Sarah.

peteaug2012 peteaughead

Here he is in August.


...and November 2012

agility club logo

In September we joined the

International Horse Agility Club

so that we can take part in horse agility competitions.
It's similar to dog agility but with horse obstacles you can make yourself and, best of all,
we can compete from home using video recordings that we send via Youtube.

Click here for the Horse Agility Club

Click here for our Horse Agility page.

You can see Peter in action in the real films we have entered for the competition. 
Go to our eeore blog at and click the links to the films.



petebackoverpole ani

Here's Peter backing over a pole and


going through the strip curtain.


pete through curtain ani

peter weavecones

and weaving through the cones.

 Better not tell them but actually they are supposed to walk over the tarpaulin....

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