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it's all Jasper's


Jasper is our Most Difficult donkey.

His first owner rescued him from Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and there he fell in love with his best friend JakeyTed. When they came to Clovelly together they they would NOT be parted and if one didn't want to do something, the other wouldn't either !

We needed them for giving rides to children but nothing we did made any difference.

So what were we to do? What were we doing or not doing that was wrong for Jasper?

At around that time Monty Roberts, the famous "Horse Whisperer" was appearing on Television to demonstrate his "JoinUp" - how to get horses to trust him and follow him around.

It seemed a good starting point.

Monty Roberts

However no-one was providing any natural horsemanship teaching at that time.

Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship

After a bit of searching on the Web.....we came across
Parelli Natural Horsemanship
who provided a Home Study
Program !!



This is the
Parelli Level 1 Pack
of DVDs and Guide Books. 

So that was it.....Jasper started his new training.

It was a bit of a shaky start but he improved steadily - and now he's earning his living and, most importantly, he's ENJOYING it.

Equally important,
along the way, we have learnt a lot too !

In 2011 he even won an award from the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth



Click here for Jasper's award.


Then the Big French Donkeys Samson and Pierre arrived. They needed to be trained too so we decided to start as we meant to go on by using the Parelli system of Natural Horse-Man-Ship.


Then Baby Kiwi was born so of course she started too....which led to....

Baby's Big Day Out

at the Parelli Games Day at Dutchy College in Cornwall. Click here to see how she got on.

Pierre Plays Parelli


Parelli Natural Horsemanship is based on seven games that horses play on each other for fun and to work out who is the Boss.

Here's Pierre playing Friendly Game with the log. He puts his nose on it and likes to bash it with his foot. One day he might stand on it - but it's a bit wobbly so we'll probably have to make him a proper pedestal.

Being friendly with things shows that he is not afraid of them.

Now from some Driving Game......

Pierre heads nicely for the log...

Then does a Squeeze Game around it......

So we think we'll try a Squeeze Game over the barrels.......

Well, he's supposed to jump it.

He thinks about it......


(Roll your mouse over the picture)

Then clambers through at the walk !

Ahh, well.....we're working on it !

However he did a nice little hop over the wall - he likes doing that!

The Squeeze Game helps horses be more brave about small spaces and obstacles.



Time for Sammy to Play Parelli.

Sammy says he's also too tired to jump the barrels - but he did a good Squeeze . 

He's a less confident donkey than Pierre so he's doing well.

Now some Driving Game........

This is driving from beside him (zone 3 in Parelli-speak)

Going well over the poles at the walk....

........nice and calm and looking where he's going......

And back again at the trot.

Well done Sammy !

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