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The Donkeys

        Jasper  is one of the younger donkeys who came to Clovelly in February 2003. He came with his best friend JakeyTed and the two go around together always and hate to be apart.

        He is  very tall and is now our only spotty donkey. He is a tall donkey but not the strongest as he is tall and lanky. 

In 2004 we bought Charlie who is a year younger than Jasper and the two became firm friends and playmates. Now Jakey, Jasper and Charlie go around as a threesome and are always up to mischeif.

new boys.          Here are the two new boys in the stableyard with their friends.

From the right : Donk, Welly, Spotty, Noah, Daniel, Barney, Jake, Jasper.


Here are Spotty and Jasper together - The smallest and the biggest.

 Sadly, Spotty died in 2004 but he is still fondly remembered by us and all the children who loved riding him because he was fast.

Jasper thinks giving donkey rides is boring and is known for going backwards as well as he goes forwards !

in yard.

 Age.......14 in 2013

 Size:11hh (44")

 Colour:..... Broken Coloured - White with brown patches

 Born: Bodmin Moor, Cornwall


With Oscar and Wellington

jjs yawning.

Jasper Having a good Yawn with Jakey

Learning to Carry a Saddle.

Roll your mouse over the picture to see him yawn.


So what can a guy do when the Humans get just too boring?  How about......


pulling rope.

<<<<<   Invite your friend for a walk......


Or give him a kiss.....

Do some Sunbathing.............

in meadow.
tack room.         Or Visit the Tack Room............
And, of course, Chasing the Chickens is much more fun than............ chicken chasing.
filming. .......Watching those daft Humans playing with that "video camera" thing. 

August 2008

Jasper, Jake, Oscar and Noah kissing.

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Jasper, Charlie and Toby are allergic to midge bites - a condition often called "Sweet Itch" by horsey people.

When they go out in the field they wear light rugs which are fly proof so that they don't get bitten by the flies. Here is Jasper wearing his purple fly rug and green mask.The mask also stops his nose and pink ear from getting sunburn. Don't worry, it's see-through like a net curtain !

When the biting flies are really bad they have to stay in the stable which is very boring for them.. 

July 2008 - Here is Jasper looking very smart and ready to give donkey rides. That's Jake in the background as usual.

Jasper has always been a difficult donkey to work with. We think it's because he had a rough start to his life.

He was born living semi-wild on a moor, rounded up and rough-handled into a sale. He was rejected from the sale as being in too poor condition to be sold (It's the law in Britain that all animals in a sale must be fit for sale). He would probably have been put out on the moor again but fortunately he was rescued by a lady who kept donkeys.

There, he met Jake and they became best friends who can never be parted. They were sold together and eventually we bought them and brought them to Clovelly to take over the donkey rides from the older donkeys.

Unfortunately Jasper had a very poor opinion of humans, stuck tightly to Jakey and would not do anything for us.

So we looked for some way to gain his trust - and took up Parelli Natural Horse-man-ship training.

Click here for our
Parelli Page

Jasper did very well with this training and we learnt a huge amount too.

Now Jasper is giving donkey rides happily and allows himself to be parted from Jake for a while without any fuss.

Then in 2010.............

In August 2010  Jasper won an Award !

It was from the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth for being the best single donkey in the South-West area.

Every year they run a competition for working donkeys. There are several categories such as Best Group and Best Feet as well as best in an area and best in the country.

Here he is receiving his award.
Left to Right :
Our helpers Megan and Jana, Bart and Mr Ford from the Donkey Sanctuary

In the background is Jasper's friend Jake keeping a watchful eye on everyone. 




Jasper won a trophy inscribed with his name, a badge saying "Best Working Donkey South West England 2010 ", two lovely rosettes and a poster. 

<<<<<Here he is in the Donkey Riding Meadow wearing his badge round his neck.

We put the poster and the rosettes in the stable for people to see.

Jasper is also wearing his sunhat and nose. He has white skin so he has to be careful not to get sunburn in the summer, particularly as he is allergic to sun cream.


Jasper in 2012

January - Eli and Jasper out for a walk in the lane

Jake Jasper and Charlie
Charlie is the same age as Jasper. When he came to Clovelly they were the youngest donkeys and soon took to playing together and became friends. Jasper stayed friends with Jake so now they go around as a threesome.The children called them the "Three Muskaterrors" !

They play such rough games, using their rugs as Judo coats, that we had to make them some special tough rugs that couldn't be ripped to peices.

Naughty boys !





The donkeys are usually still lying in at night in April but we start our summer work at Easter.

Here's Jasper and Charlie ready to give donkey rides.




Jasper is dozing in the sun. 

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Jasper helps Kiwi and Peter (behind) to learn about giving donkey rides


Posts are SO useful !

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A lady came with a weighbridge to weigh all the donkeys

Everyone got on including Jasper !

We were a bit worried the donkeys would eat her car !


The Muskaterrors waiting for riders


Jasper wearing Blue for the Jubliee celebrations


Andrea and Natasha saddle Jasper.

He's busy with the salt lick !

The Riding Team

Charlie, Jake, Adrien, Jasper, Jess, Eli, Megan


Toby Jake and Jasper ready to go out in the field                                   Eli Donk Jasper Jake  - a walk in the Hobby Drive.

agility club logo

In 2012 we joined the

International Horse Agility Club

so that we can take part in horse agility competitions.
It's similar to dog agility but with horse obstacles you can make yourself and, best of all,
we can compete from home using video recordings that we send via Youtube.

Click here for the Horse Agility Club

Click here for our Horse Agility page.

You can see our Donkeys in action in the real films we have entered for the competition. 
Go to our eeore blog at and click the links to the films.


Jasper is very shy about doing the agility obstacles.

>>>>Here's Charlie and Noah weaving off the lead while playing the 'Whoah!' game.

When we played the game in the yard Jasper joined in!

Click here to see him in action.

Welly and Jasper 

Eager to go out !


The Donkeys

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We would like to say a very big ">>>Thank You<<<" to all Jasper's Adopters who are helping very much to keep him in fly rugs and veils for his white nose..