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The Donkeys

        Pierre is one of our big French stallion donkeys and he is by far the loudest donkey. 

       He came to Clovelly in February 2005, with his best friend Samson, from Toulouse in south-west France.

       He is much bigger than the average English donkey as you can see in the picture below. We bought him so that we could give rides to bigger children.        



Here is Donk saying "Hallo" to Pierre on the day he arrived - but Pierre is more interested in checking out the dog !

In the background is Pierre's friend Sammy who is even bigger than Pierre.


Here he is in his Winter coat.

 Age......15 in 2013

 Size:12hh (48")

"noir pangeré" - Chocolate Roan

 Born: Toulouse, France

And looking very smart  in his Summer Coat

Yes, he is bigger than Jasper .

Pierre has a
loud voice. 


Roll your mouse over the pictures


The French boys live 2 miles away from Clovelly in the summer because they are very boisterous and chase the smaller donkeys.

We can hear Pierre from 2 miles away. We are very grateful that all our neighbours are donkey-lovers !

Sammy doesn't mind but he does puts his ears down sometimes when Pierre is shouting.

Here are two films of Pierre.
Click the links to watch them.

Hope they work on your computer !

1) What the mules think of Pierre's voice.

2) Pierre and his sausage.



The Garage is their favourite sunbathing spot.

But when they are bored they get up to lots of mischeif such as...........

Trying to sneak inside the garage to play with the tools..................

Wrecking things and tipping things over and playing tug with the bits and pieces 

Not  to mention.................. 



and making the dog bark by


up and down the drive.

Here they are in the snow...........

They were not very impressed with it - perhaps they don't have snow in Toulouse ?


 Pierre loves to go out for walks and we have just started riding him.

He is not at all scared of the traffic and will even pass huge tractors and lorries.

Considering how cheeky he is Pierre is remarkably well behaved when out  - though he does eeore to keep in touch with Sammy - there's no chance of anyone not knowing where we are !





(Hmm.........that saddle and that rider were a bit big for that Pierre..................Sue has promised not to ride him once he is well enough trained for the children)

Pierre's Important Visitor

In Spring Pierre was visited by our lady donkey Sinead.

He was very pleased because she was in season.

But he was very polite and didn't quite know what to do.

Sinead made some rude faces at him at first but Pierre is a very calm donkey.

Sinead decided she liked him and ended up chasing him round the garden!

Now  Pierre has a very handsome son called Peter.

Peter is black and bigger than Sinead AND Pierre. He is very gentle and friendly, like his parents.

Click here for
Peter's Page




Pierre in Summer


Pierre looking very smart in August 2011

August 2012


Sunbathing in August  
<<<<Giving a ride to our helper Andrea

..and to Natasha


Andrea is an experienced rider - but on horses !

Pierre is still exercising his voice ! (roll your mouse over the picture)

Pierre in Winter


In winter Pierre has a really thick fluffy coat.

He's much more weather-proof than Sammy

 But he still hides in the shed when it's snowing!


Sunbathing again.....


getting pony-nuts out of his football

Aahh, warmth and sunshine in January (Roll your mouse over the picture)

They look so sweet when they are dozing in the sun - but when you try to take a picutre they always notice ! 

The new container makes a nice sheltered spot for Pierre to doze and look down on Sammy.

 (Roll your mouse over the picture)




...and in April   

Pierre does Natural Horsemanship Parelli Training


Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship

Here's Pierre proudly standing on his favourite log. It was his idea to do it with Sue on top !

We have trained both stallions using the principles of natural horsemanship and the Parelli 7 games that horses play on each other.

Click here for our
Parelli Page

Unfortunately, because they are stallions we can't take Sammy and Pierre to Parelli events so in September we joined the

agility club logo

International Horse Agility Club

so that we can take part in horse agility competitions.
It's similar to dog agility but with horse obstacles you can make yourself and, best of all,
we can compete from home using video recordings that we send via Youtube.

Click here for the Horse Agility Club

Click here for our Horse Agility page.

You can see Pierre in action in the real films we have entered for the competition. 
Go to our eeore blog at and click the links to the films.



Backing through the pole corridor


The idea behind horse agility is to help people have fun with their horses and to make it fun for horses too by encouraging everyone to improve their horsemanship. 

Sticks are not allowed to be used and half the marks given are for good horsemanship and half for completing each obstacle.There are lots of different fun obstacles, all designed to be home-made and getting more difficult as you get more skilled.

There are four different levels and you work your way up by gaining league points when you enter a competition.There is also a liberty competition where the horse is completely free.

We are starter level at the moment but aiming upwards ! 

noah seesaw
Noah is a star at the see-saw even though it was the first time he had seen one




Pierre walks over the jump - he's supposed to jump really!

Through the narrow gap between the barrels.

...and stands in the hoop while Sue goes to get the flag

A good step into the hoop.

round the S bend

Through the strip curtain

and round the L bend.

weaving through the cones

and standing on his favourite log.
(It's difficult to get him off !)

(Roll your mouse over the picture)

He likes playing with the rope

and letting horse ladies practice Donkey agility

Charlie and Noah weave through the cones together - completely off the lead !! Amazing !

That's Charlie at the back and Noah at the front.

See the real film and catch Pierre in action by following the links on our eeore-blog at

Sammy's best score so far,with Sue at Starter level,
is 88 out of 100.



double weave


Sue's Mum makes painted sweatshirts - we think she has Pierre's approval.


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