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Baby Sarah was born on 9th of April which was Easter Monday.

Her mother is Sinead, our big Irish donkey, and her father is Samson, one of our big French donkeys. She has a (little) big sister  Baby Kiwi and a big brother Peter.

Sinead's other foals were black but Sarah was born brindly grey so you can see  Sammy's influence !

When she was about 3 months old she grew a long brown overcoat. We call it her dreadlocks - she's the scruffiest - and cutest - baby we have ever seen.




Age..Born on April 9th

 Size: growing fast !

 Colour: Iron grey - mixture of black and white with a white nose and brown dreadlocks

 Born: Clovelly


Here's Mum



Here's Dad


Here is Baby Sarah about an hour old.

babysarah babysarah
babysarah babysarah
Bart was the first to see her and she loved him! She sniffed him all over and followed him around.We think she will be his donkey. Asleep in the straw......
babysarah babysarahwithmum
What a pretty foal !

Sarah 3 days old with Sinead

On her second day Sarah was ready to go out to the field in her baby-handle Bunnies are always bouncy !!


sarahrunning sarahrunning sarahrunning
sarahrunning sarahrunning sarahrunning
Sarah sees Bart and comes running over !

When it started to rain we went to get them in .
Sinead had parked her baby in the hedge to try to keep her dry.
When she saw us she called Sarah out with a glance......
.....and gave her a nuzzle.

sineadparksbabyin hedge sinead calls baby

sinead talkstobaby


Sarah always comes to Bart !



We handle her feet every day, picking them up, gently rubbing and patting them, so that she learns not to be afraid of giving them to us.


sarahbounces sarahbounces sarahbounces
sarahbounces   All that running about.........






....makes for a very sleepy foal!




Sinead and Sarah asleep in the shed.

sarahshin on throne

Here is Sarah at one month old.


sarahcloseup She has a lovely
fluffy coat.

A sunny day in May.

Everyone is dozing.

Since she has chased him away Peter is not sure that Mother will let him touch the foal so he sneaks up very carefully for a sniff....

..and everything is ok!


sarah2months <<<<<
May 2 months old 

June 3 months old.

She's getting bigger fast !



Sarah is very curious.

In June the lady with the weighbridge came ...and sarah has her nose in the car!

She loves the barrel too and has thrown all the toys around.



Giffy the mule and
Sarah with Sinead
enjoying the sun in July.

Sarah is starting to go fluffy.

sarahand adrien

She loves our helper Adrien because he loves brushing her.

She's really enjoying that - her head is half way to the floor !
adrien brushes sarah

people brush sarah

By August Sarah has got the hang
of being brushed by visitors
- she loves it.
She is going so shaggy
she needs it too !


She's in the feed room....

...and going for walks with Sarah



By October

She's not as big as Peter

but about as big as mother !




Out for a walk in the Hobby Drive
in November



Sarah has her winter coat complete with dreadlocks and sideburns. She has a long mane and shaggy forehead.

Is this just her foal coat or will she have it every winter?

We don't know !

Her Dad Sammy has Poitou ancestors. Poitou donkeys have REALLY shaggy coats so you never know....



Trouble is, she can't help looking scruffy !

Being a kid she's into everything. Here she's found some brick dust - and got herself a big red nose !



Here she is in December after rolling in the sawdust.

oh Dear !

Sarah has been learning horse Agility
and she is very good at it.
You can see her in action by following the links on our Blog.

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