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How to Visit the Donkeys

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Opening times :  12 Noon to dusk, any day.

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It's OK if you come earlier but you will find us clearing up !
FREE Entry           FREE Parking
We don't charge for visits but we are always grateful for kind Donations towards the keep of the Donkeys

click for directions to us 5 donkeys in their new shed
 Click for maps of where we are

Our address is Highford Farm,
Higher Clovelly,
EX39 5SA

2 donkeys in front of their new shed at Highford

Search on Google for ' Highford Farm ' and Google Maps should show you where we are.  

You can also

 Click to book a visit if there is something special you'd like to do with donkeys

The donkeys love to be entertained by visitors, just as much as they used to in their old home in Clovelly stables.
You are welcome to pat them and brush them, take pictures and talk donkeys with us.
We also polish their feet and put the saddles on for you.
Now in our new home you will be able to meet our two stallion donkeys Pierre and Sammy
The mules will be nearby for you to see too - they never like to be left out !

At the moment we can't do Donkey Rides at Highford but we will be able to do them at Clovelly Parish Hall during the summer.

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Contact Us

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Facebook Messenger :      

Susan Clovelly

The Donkeys's Facebook Page:     

Highford Donkey Activities

Leave an answering machine message :     

01237 431 904

Email Sue :       


Send a Text message :       

07805 843 873
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Go to our

Go to our Donkey Activities page

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The donkeys in their new yard at Highford
                  Pierre   Charlie   Marmite     Symon             Molly    Rupert
  The donkeys in their new shed at Highford
                   Pierre               Pablo     Sarah        Symon
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Search on Google for ' Highford Farm ' and Google Maps should show you where we are.

To get here :

Travel along the A39 from Bideford or Bude until you reach Clovelly Cross Roundabout.
Coming from the Bideford direction the turning to Clovelly is on the right - but go straight on.
100yds further on take the sharp right turn to Hartland, onto the B3248.
Pass the old Chapel on the straight piece of road.
Next you come to a group of  houses on a bend. Go past the houses, past 'Noah's Place' and 'the Retreat'.
Our entrance is on the right, a wide splay with Lion gateposts and you will see signs to the Stables.
We are the second entrance on the left.
Please park by our fence,come in, and make sure the gate is latched behind you.
(The donkeys love trying to escape !)

Our postcode is EX39 5SA but please be warned that Satnav often takes you to the wrong farm !

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Scroll down to see more detailed maps

map of europe   We are in Europe

map of southwest England  We are in North Devon

map of north Devon   We are 2 1/2 miles from Clovelly , on the Hartland Road

map of Clovelly Parish Our new Home is Highford Farm


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Our Historic Old Stables in Clovelly

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Our home for 42 years.
The stables were built in 1889 and have Christine Hamlyn's monogram on the front.
They were built to house the horses that drew the post coach between London and Bude and for tourist busses.
They are the best in Victorian stable design, built in stone with Elm planking on Oak frames - built to last..
Clovelly's donkeys have used them since the 1950s
Kiwi, Peter, Sarah, Pablo and Symon were all born in one or other of the sheds and are named following Clovelly tradition..
However in 2023 we were retired from Clovelly.
Fortunately we had Highford Farm to go to, 2 miles away, but we still think of Clovelly as home.

You can explore the stables by taking our 

Click to tour the historic Clovelly Stables

You may remember visiting us in our lovely old home so here are some pictures.

View of the whole stable yard
Open for visiting in 2018
 6 donkeys looking over the yard barriers
Rupert Sinead Sarah Kiwi Molly Peter
Toby and Danny sunbathing by the stable wall
A very old postcard with a 34yr-old Daniel with Toby
Charlie and Sue at the water trough
Charlie having a chat with Sue over a coffee
Sarah wearing flowers and flags
Sarah dressed up for the Golden Jubilee
Molly and Peter by the barriers in summer coats
Very young Molly mule with Peter
The stalls inside the main stable Eli loving being brushed by visitors
Eli thouroghly enjoying his public 
Molly looking over the small gate
Molly at the corner gate
Mother and foal about to go out in the field
Bart with Sinead and newborn Sarah
The back corner of the yard
Molly at the Mules' pen door
donkeys standing together in the other back corner of the yard
2008 Sinead came and teamed up with Toby. Charlie behind.
2 donkeys standing in line by the donkey and cart mural
Lifelong friends Jake and Jasper
Peter being brushed by a smartly dressed little girl     2 donkeys standing in a cool back shed
2022 Sarah and Pablo in 'Barry's Garage' keeping cool
3 donkeys sleeping in a back shed with another keeping watch
Sleepy time in 'Dave's Shed'
Kiwi and Barney - Names of old clovelly donkeys on posts in the stable
1980s - the orignal Kiwi's name on the post beside Barney
Mother donkey with her new baby
Sinead with month-old Symon 2023
Baby donkey Pablo in the yard
Pablo's postcard in 2020
3 donkeys aslep on the straw
Sinead Sarah and Molly in 'Dave's Shed'
the other side of Daves shed
'Barry's Garage' with Kiwi and Molly
mule asleep in the front of the yard
Marmite the new mule  in 2022
showing that daves was like the main stable originally
The Oak frame is still there in 'Dave's Shed'
Peter by the water trough with his saddle on
Handsome Peter 2022
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