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I'm working on this page ! Our move has been a lot of work but this will get done eventually.

Donkey Rides    Donkey Days     Day Courses     Donkey Patting

We are Bart and Sue who have looked after the donkeys of Clovelly since 1981

In 2023 we were retired and moved to our own place at Highford Farm, 2 miles from Clovelly.

Click to find out about visiting us We continue to look after the donkeys and invite fans to viit us. 
This button takes you to our directions and contact information page.

*You can visit us at Highford Farm to pat and brush the donkeys.
*If you would like to spend more time with the donkeys you can book a visit in advance.
      We can do sit-ons and special activities by arrangement - contact details at the Visit Us button above.
*We don't charge for visits but we gratefully appreciate any donation to help with the keep of the donkeys.
*If you would like to spend a full or half day with us please see our donkey Courses button.

*We hope to re-start offering Donkey  Rides in 2024 at Clovelly Parish Hall in the summer.      I'm still working on that page though.

Click for information about donkey rides


Our Courses page is out of date now as we are at Highford Farm instead of in Clovelly - but the page does tell you about what is in the courses and days.We are happy to arrange the day to suit your interests. We charge 50 per person.
To contact us about this please go to our 'Visit Us' page.

Click for information about donkey courses



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