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Clovelly Donkeys.
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Shamrock was the dearest old donkey who ever lived. He came to Clovelly in 1981 with Friday and Sue, the new Donkey Keeper.

He was a very gentle donkey. He would be slow with a beginner rider and fast for a skilled one.

We did not know how old he was and when the previous Donkey-Keepers retired he went into retirement with their old donkeys as he preferred living with them to our bouncy young ones.

He died of a stroke in 1995 but is still affectionately remembered by us all.





 Colour:.....Grey with
white underneath

 Born: Isle of Whight


     Shamrock in his Prime

Clovelly Donkeys.

The Donkeys

Shammy in 1980

Shammy in 1987
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