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The Donkeys


Friday was a very special mule. She came to Clovelly in 1981 with Shamrock and Sue, the new Donkey Keeper. Her mother was a Dartmoor Pony.

She was extremely clever and had an awful sense of humour but she was a very safe ride and loved to go exploring - whether her rider wanted to or not! She was usually known as 'Brown' which was short for 'Brown Hairy Monster'

Sadly she died of cancer in 1991, aged only 19, after eating weeds and grass that someone had sprayed with weedkiller.

     winter ride.


With Remus on a winter Ride - Wearing her winter teddy-bear suit

Friday In her sleek Summer Coat



 Size:11hh (44")

 Colour: Black



Old Skinny-Pins Tormenting the Dog 

(while we were trying to pose for a photo).


A Quiet Snooze snooze.
The Donkeys

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