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char head right

Charlie is the cheekiest donkey. He came to Clovelly a few days before Christmas 2004, from South Wales so he is the second youngest donkey. His owner was moving to France and wanted Charlie to have a home where he would get lots of attention.

He is a very patient and friendly donkey and loves to be tickled and scratched.When people scratch his back he makes funny faces with his lips because he loves it.

Apart from the youngsters he's the most energetic donkey and usually gets what he wants. We think he is now the Boss of the herd.

charlie in  bridle

Here he is ready to go out for a walk.

Charlie has a soft fluffy coat, a lying-down mane like a horse and a twirl of fur on his shoulder.fur whorl

charlie head left
The Three Muskaterrors

Jake (on the left) and Jasper (the spotty donkey) are best freinds and always go around together. However Jake is much older and doesn't like to play as much as Charlie so Jasper and Charlie often play together and have become good friends.

Now Charlie often goes around with the JJs as a threesome.

muskaterrors 1

 Age......13 in 2013

 Size:10.2hh (42")

 Colour: Light Grey, white face and no leg stripes, and a long mane and tail.

 Born: South Wales

Here they are - playing wrestling with Charlie's rug. NAUGHTY BOYS !!

Charlie has 'sweet itch' which means he is allergic to midge bites so in the summer he wears a rug to keep the midges off.  

We had to make a specially strong rug because they keep using it as a Judo costume !  

jas pull rug

Charlie is very playful.

Here he is with some balls.

small ball  
pull barrel Charlie thinks he can help Kiwi with the barrel.

He likes tossing the tarpaulin too.

 cross mat
pull saddle blanket Here he is at the donkey rides..........

...getting up to mischief as usual !!

 steal bags
weighbridge A lady from Spillers came to weigh all the donkeys for us.

Here's Jake and Charlie investigating the weighbridge. 

It was no trouble getting those two to get on it.

If there is somewhere new to go Charlie will be there !

feedroom1 He's not allowed in the tack room......

...or the feed room...

char in shop ...And definitely not allowed in our little shop !!!!  
 in horsebox He likes to stand around in the horsebox.

...and here he is trying out Bart's new toolroom.

in toll room  
 <<<< Sharing the throne with Wellington - that won't last !

...and after having a nice roll in the sawdust.>>>>

in june  
carpet wrestling   all in  field

Out in the field in February. Peter and Noah wrestling behind him.

April - left to right - Charlie,Kiwi,Giffy,Toby,Jasper,Donk
brushing charlie

shirley hugs
The little girl looks nervous but Charlie LOVES being brushed......and having lots of fuss.

mum hugs  
nativity1 Charlie doesn't mind travelling so we took him to a Nativity play at Christmas.

He was nervous at first but he relaxed immedietly when the children started to make a fuss of him.

Here he is with

nativity3 The 3 Kings were played by 3 girls on their ponies



Charlie was fascinated by the calves in the pen by the manger.

Charlie Arriving at Clovelly

He had had a long journey from the north of South Wales

    When a new donkey comes into the herd the other donkeys always want to make friends immediately. The trouble is they could gang up on the new donkey and bully him so when Charlie arrived we shut him in his own pen overnight so that the others could get used to him being around.

Here's what happened next morning when we let Charlie out :-


They all followed Charlie round the yard a few times until he stopped in the stable.



toby sniff
    welly sniff






jake sniffs

jake sniffs2  



turn noses up

jake sniff3  







Isaac butts bart


oscar sniffs

(Try your mouse over this picture)


In summer Charlie came to the donkey meadow and watch the other donkeys giving rides to children.

Then , the next year, he was be able to do it himself.

He loves giving donkey rides and always walks fast - Sinead is about the only donkey who can keep up with him.


Charlie at Work

Charlie is one of our main donkey-riding donkeys so for most of the summer he gives donkey rides to children around the meadow , as long as it's not too muddy or too midgey. Here are some pictures of him at work.

char head right june saddled in yard  

muskaterrors saddled
The three muskaterrors ready to go

  doing rides
Charlie, Sue and Jasper

Wearing Red, Blue and White
Her Majesty the Queen's
Silver Jubilee
in April 2012.

Jake, Jasper and Charlie

red white nad blue ribbons  

in meadow in june

Modelling the black numnah we won for being the best working donkeys in the South West in 2003

Waiting for riders in the Donkey Meadow in June
pete5weeksani Kiwi and Charlie are 'kissing'. 

It's how donkeys tell each other they are friends.

(roll your mouse over the picture)

lying down

At the end of the day a nice snooze with Jasper.


and a good 

stretch !

char stretch
at Parelli games

Here's Charlie with Kiwi at the Christmas Parelli  Games day.

They had to do some Parelli horsemanship challenges and a spotlight show.

Click here for our
Parelli Page

Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship
agility club logo

In September we joined the

International Horse Agility Club

so that we can take part in horse agility competitions.
It's similar to dog agility but with horse obstacles you can make yourself and, best of all,
we can compete from home using video recordings that we send via Youtube.

Click here for the Horse Agility Club

Click here for our Horse Agility page.

You can see Charlie in action in the real films we have entered for the competition. 
Go to our eeore blog at and click the links to the films.



Here's Noah and Charlie at our first live Agility training day in January. The weather was dreadful- cold, windy and wet so we put their raincoats on half way through. They did very well.

noah seesaw


Noah is a star at the see-saw even though it was the first time he had seen one.

and shows Charlie how to do the big hoop..


noah big hoop

charlie seesaw

Charlie's trying out the see-saw..

...and thinking about the hula-hoops

char hulahoops


Charlie walks over the jump

through the plastic bottles

Completely off the lead !

..and they weave through the cones together - off the lead !! Amazing !

That's Charlie at the back and Noah at the front.

See the real film by following the links on our eeore-blog at



double weave

.L bend

Here are some more pictures of Noah doing Agility at home.

Through the L bend off the lead.

Through the U bend without touching the poles.


char U bend
char flag
The strip Curtain

Carrying the flag.

weaving through the scary objects

char weave cones
char step over barell <<<<
Over the barrel

Over the tarpaulin.

char on mat

backing up

Backing through the pole corridor.




.left to right:

Giffy, Sarah, Peter, Charlie.

Naughty things !!


donks bash tarpaulin
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    Here is Ryan who loves donkeys and has adopted Charlie for several years.

Thank you Ryan ! 

adopter ryan
The Donkeys

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