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The Donkeys

Barney is the slow donkey. He has always been a slow walker even when he was a baby.

He never likes to be left on his own and can be relied upon to follow the others without being led. 

When out riding in the winter the children get their donkeys to canter by making their own donkey stand still while the others walk away. Then they canter to catch up. You have to be a good rider to do it on Barney because he doesn't like being left alone.

After a ride Barney does let the children ride him up to the field bareback (without a saddle) even though he doesn't like it  BUT.... they must remember to get off before he goes through the gateposts or he will buck them off. !!


barney7      Barney is a Spotty donkey without any spots. Although he has black patches on his skin they don't come out in his coat except for one or two small spots you can only see in summer when his coat is shorter.

We took this picture of him dozing in the sunshine after we had washed him. He doesn't usually look so white! In the winter he colours himself pink by rolling in our red Devonian earth making many people remark upon what an unusual colour he is.




 Size:10.2hh (42")

 Colour: White


Barney's best friends are Kiwi (because they came to Clovelly together) and Jerry(Spotty) (because they are the same colour).
The three can often be seen going around as a group.

Barney with Kiwi

   barney and spotty.     Barney with Spotty :
Evening sun and long shadows in the Stable Yard.


At the end of the day Barney begs for his tea by putting his head inside the tack room and huffing. Then he snorts very loudly at any donkeys who come near in case they are thinking of stealing his food.
This is barney looking at the tack room and huffing to tell us its time to stop donkey rides and give him his food.



giving rides.     barney3.
The Donkeys

Giving Donkey Rides

In His Winter Coat
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