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Jerry is the smallest and cheekiest donkey.

He is usually called 'Spotty' because of his big grey patches. This is him in summer but in winter he has a thick fluffy coat and shaggy ears which make him look very cute.

He has many cheeky tricks and likes to make up his own mind about what he is going to do.

He sneaks up behind people and pushes them with his nose.

He is fussy about having absolutely fresh water and likes it to be frothy so he gives the bucket a nudge with his nose before he drinks. One day at the donkey rides he tipped over the bucket three times !


 Size:9.3hh (42")

Broken Coloured :
White with Grey Patches

Week Orchard,

Saddled up.

Here he is in the Donkey-riding Meadow wearing the cowboy saddle and looking very smart in his new saddle blanket.

Here he is in his winter coat - how's that for a sweet 'thatched cottage' face fringe?
Spotty and Donk are watching us taking pictures and wondering what strange thing we are going to do next.

Golden Jubilee.

Spotty and Toby posing for Photos at the Fountain


Dressed up for  HM Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee in the Spring of 2002


Jerry is a fast donkey to ride but will only go the right way if he likes his rider. 

He is good at jumping too but you have to be able to steer him well or he goes around the jumps.

He goes along with his nose down making us worry that he will buck - but he never does. 

Donkeys never like to be more energetic than is necessary!


winter ride.

Winter Riding in the Hobby Drive

Sadly, in Autumn 2003 Spotty became ill and blood tests showed that he had kidney failure - a rare problem in donkeys. We kept him going through the winter but he became thinner and weaker and had to be put to sleep in February. We were all very sad particularly as he was one of the younger donkeys and was much loved for his cheeky tricks and for being a fast donkey to ride.


winter ride.   
The Donkeys

A Winter Ride

What a Handsome Boy ! (Aged 7)
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