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The Donkeys


Wellington was the biggest donkey - until Jasper, and then Samson, arrived ! He is still the most reliable donkey .

He is a very calm and confident donkey and definitely has his own opinions about everything. If he doesn't like something he won't do it and that's that! 

However there is very little he won't do as he loves to be in the centre of attention. He gets called 'In-the-Way-Wellington' because he always stands in your way when he wants something.

Welly is happy giving donkey rides round the meadow and pulling the cart. He is strong and reliable.




Hello Welly!

He likes to go on long rides in the winter along the Hobby Drive or through the woods to Mouth Mill and is easy to ride off the lead.

He allows the children to ride him bareback up to the field afterwards. However he knows that without the saddle they have nothing to hold on to. If they bounce around on him or kick him too much he decides he doesn't like it and .....they had better stop it or he will buck them off!

He is also good at pulling the donkey cart but you have to drive him with another donkey (usually Oscar) or he won't go. Donkeys never like to be on their own  for long - or is he thinking 'Why should I do all the work by myself?' He probably is , knowing Welly.


Here he is looking cuddly in his winter coat.




Age..............29 in 2013


Colour:.....Light Brown with white tummy. Beautiful Ears and Golden Eyes.

Born: Bideford,Devon

And here ready to go for a winter ride with Oscar and Barney




Welly came to Clovelly in 1991 and is on 'permanent loan' from a lady in Bideford who loves him dearly and visits him to give him carrot sandwiches.



Here he is in the summer of 1991 in the Donkey Meadow waiting to give donkey rides.

Here is Beth, who knows Welly's owner, giving Welly hug from her.


Here is Welly enjoying the sun in the donkey-riding meadow with Jake and Jasper.

These days Welly doesn't do much riding as he is getting too old.

 rolling This one of the things he does in the Meadow when he's NOT giving rides...

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Welly is also a very caring donkey. One day when Barney got himself stuck on the wrong side of the fence Welly stayed with Barney in the field until we came to find him.
kisswithgiffy When we lost our big mule Remus , who was 34, our lady mule Giffy was alone. We think Welly noticed - he made friends with her straight away.Now he kisses with her and stands beside her (except when she stands out in the rain, as mules do). When we are going to the field Welly and Giffy stand at the fence making horrid faces at each other because they are excited! kisswithgif
 scratchonbarrier Summer 2012

Welly is excited about going out !

Welly and Donk having a good scratch on the barriers.

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nativity Welly is a very calm donkey and he doesn't mind travelling in the horsebox so he often gets to go to special occasions.

Here he is at a Nativity play  and carrying the Cope on Palm Sunday.

He also a good donkey to take to weddings - here he is at two weddings in Clovelly

asleepundertree undertreewithkids It was a hot and busy day among crowds of people. Welly and Kiwi had been on duty since 10am and Welly was tired - well he is an old boy.

So he went to sleep in the cool shade under an apple tree. So sweet !

Here he is at another wedding, in a quiet moment contemplating the scenery in Clovelly Harbour. inharbour



These days Welly spends most of the summer posing for photos in the street or down in the harbour with Noah and our helper Sarah.

Photos with Donk and Toby and Shana

Wearing Blue for the Royal Wedding in 2012


Welly has found a good spot to keep out of the rain !

He doesn't mind the snow though


Welly has had problems with his feet lately.
As he's been getting older he's become more at risk from seedy-toe - a bacteria that causes holes in the soft 'white line' between the horn and the sole of his hoof.
We have to pick his feet twice a day and treat the holes with iodine.
Welly is very good about it ! 

footholes Can you see the holes?

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Here is Welly in the sunshine showing off his beautiful long mane.

This was Summer 2004 when he had just turned 21.


The Donkeys
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Here is Barrie who has Adopted Wellington for 2013



Welly sends a big EEore to say "Thanks"