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The Donkeys

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In the Field


Size: 13hh (52"or 4'4")

Colour: Chestnut Bay


Bodmin Moor


Remus in the Yard


In the Stable Yard

Remus is the bigger mule.

He is bright chestnut with black mane, tail and legs and four white socks, all different lengths. He has one black hoof, one white hoof and two stripey ones!

His father was a wild donkey from Bodmin Moor and his mother was a dark brown hunter mare so we don't know how he came out chestnut! Still, he is a very handsome boy particularly when he is dressed up in his smart bridle.

He has a short frizzy mane which looks very neat although we don't do anything to it.

Remus is big enough for small adults to ride so we use him to escort good donkey riders on long rides and children often ride him when they have grown too big for the donkeys.We also ride him bareback when herding the donkeys to the field in the evening.

We don't use him for donkey rides as he is more lively than the donkeys and takes fright at scary things.

Remus likes being brushed and fussed over and doesn't mind being ridden bareback.

He is devoted to Giffy, the smaller mule, and hides behind her when they are out on a ride because he is scared  but.... in the field he chases the donkeys because they are smaller than he is - the big bully!




Dressed for a Show


Ready for a Ride