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Noah is called the naughty donkey though these days he is not as naughty as some of the younger ones.

He is a tall thin donkey with long legs which makes him comfortable to ride. However, although he is always good on the lead, you have to be a good rider to ride him off the lead because he gets very excited and bounces all over the place.

He is very friendly and never grumpy although he doesn't like being brushed.

He has beautiful buff-coloured ears, a neat three-colour Giraffe-like mane, stripey legs and butterflies on the backs of his feet. He is always the first donkey to get his smooth summer coat and looks very smart.

Noah came to Clovelly in1992 with his friend Toby.

noah Noah


Ready for Donkey Rides in his Smart Summer Coat 

When giving donkey rides Noah is always trying to eat grass and take shortcuts. When he gets bored he stops with his head down and we have to wait for him and give him a stroke. However he is easy to lead and all the helpers love him as he is one of our best riding donkeys.

When he is off duty Noah likes to turn over our lunch bags but he is not as clever at stealing our sandwiches as Isaac is, thank goodness!

Now that he is older Noah doesn't get up to quite so many tricks but he is still one of the bossier donkeys.


 When he is off duty Noah likes to turn over our lunch bags but he is not as clever at stealing our sandwiches as Isaac is, thank goodness!

Here he is having a sleep while off duty.
July 2008 aged 23


noah asleep

Age..............28 in 2013


Colour:..... Light grey with white tummy and black leg stripes.Very neat 3-colour mane.


In his Winter Coat, 

Aged 9


tugging carpet

Charlie and Noah playing Toss-the-Carpet.
They have been caught playing with our brooms too! 

After work he gleefully bounces all the way home from the donkey-riding meadow as if he has just been let out of school and has been known to throw all the luggage on the floor!

If he is feeling particularily naughty, after work, instead of going into the field to eat grass, he 'accidentally' misses the field gate and trots off down the road, making us run after him.

And when the donkeys get out of the field at night, guess who is to blame? We also know that someone other than Daniel knows how to open the bolts on the stable doors - but we havn't caught Noah doing it yet !

 sunbathing Doing some early sunbathing in Spring 2008
 Noah's best friend used to be Toby who came to Clovelly with him and followed him everywhere.

However Toby has now become friends with Sinead and Noah doesn't seem to mind, probably because he has Charlie to play with !

Noah and Toby are still friends but Sinead looks after Toby much better than Noah did and he now spends more time with her.

kissing toby

 Noah Kissing with Toby


When baby Peter was born Noah immediately decided he liked him and Noah has been a special friend to him ever since.

Unfortunately Peter has grown a lot bigger than Noah and Noah is an old boy so we have to keep an eye on things to see they don't get too rough !

(roll your mouse over the picture)

Noah loves to stand like a circus horse with his front feet on something high.

In the village he stands with his feet on the base of the drinking fountain.

Here he is standing on some scaffolding planks left by the builders.


noah on lanks
jana in the hay shed  

Here's Jana getting hay from the shed. That's Noah trying to grab a mouthful. Does he get it?

Roll your mouse over the picture and see.

...and who's that in  the shed after Jana has gone ? 
That's Peter and Kiwi behind Noah.

noah in hay shed

fluffy noah 1

fluffy noah 2

in parish hall field

Looking fluffy in April

Noah thinks the weighbridge lady's car looks interesting....

noah in feed room
...and he's definitely not allowed in the feed room !!
foal asleep on side ..
Some lovely sunshine in May.

The foal (Baby Sarah) has gone to sleep right under Noah's nose. It looks as if he's helping mother to keep watch over her.

That's mother, Sinead, on the left  and Kiwi in the background.

Foals can get badly overheated by doing this so we were keeping an eye on her too. It wasn't that hot, being May - and she looked so sweet !

noah withflowers When Noah gets his smooth summer coat he looks REALLY smart.

Here he is in July.

Sarah's taking him to a wedding.

Baby Sarah, Noah and Sinead out in the field.

summer coat in field
photos in street Noah doesn't do much donkey-riding thses days as he is getting older.

He often does photographs in the street.

Here he is with
<<<Eli and

 with sarah


christmas stable  

November 2012
Out for a walk in the Hobby Drive. Noah, Giffy, Sinead and baby Sarah.

December 2012.
Noah travels well so he sometimes gets to go on outings.
Here are Noah and Welly at the Christmas Lights celebration in Fremington.
We found this decorated shed that looked just like a Christmas stable
so we had to take a picture !

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In September we joined the

International Horse Agility Club

so that we can take part in horse agility competitions.
It's similar to dog agility but with horse obstacles you can make yourself and, best of all,
we can compete from home using video recordings that we send via Youtube.

Click here for the Horse Agility Club

Click here for our Horse Agility page.

You can see Noah in action in the real films we have entered for the competition. 
Go to our eeore blog at and click the links to the films.



Here's Noah and Charlie at our first live Agility training day in January. The weather was dreadful- cold, windy and wet so we put their raincoats on half way through. They did very well.

noah seesaw


Noah is a star at the see-saw even though it was the first time he had seen one.

and shows Charlie how to do the big hoop..




he's trying out the hula-hoops.

Now, completely off the lead, Noah and Charlie are following Sue around the obstacles. Here's the narrow gap >>

barrel gap


Charlie walks over the jump

through the plastic bottles


..and they weave through the cones together - off the lead !! Amazing !

See the real film by following the links on our eeore-blog at



cones weave


Here are some more pictures of Noah doing Agility at home.

Backing over a pole

Weaving through cones keeping a smile in the rope nicely.


backing pole
strip curtain
The strip Curtain
nose on ball
Putting his nose on the Ball
Crossing the Tarpaulin
S bend <<<<
Round the 'S' bend without touching the poles

Over the jump.



with Peter


..and this is Noah and his friend Peter after they have been playing with the tarpaulin.

Lucky it's an old one we don't need !

That's Giffy and Welly in the background.


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