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The Donkeys

      Muff came to Clovelly in 1992 with her best friend Gingerfigs.  Although she was quite a bit smaller than Giffy she was always the boss and could always get away with stealing Giffy's food.
    She had a very load voice and would give you a great whinny when she saw anyone coming.
   Sadly she died of leukoid cancer in 1995.

riding.    Here she is out on a winter ride with her friend Gingerfigs.


 Size:  11hh (44")

 Colour:.....Dark Brown
a mealy muzzle.

 Born: Exmoor

Here you can see her lovely, thick, Exmoor mane and "native pony" tail - the fringe of hairs at the top her tail that keeps off the rain.  In the yard.

        eating. riding.

Tea Time

Isaac,Giffy and Muff in the Hobby Drive


The Donkeys

Oscar, Danny, Barney, Spotty, Giffy, Welly and Muff
Riding In the Hobby Drive

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