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The Donkeys


Eli is the Last donkey.

He was originally called Honky. We don't normally change any donkey's name because they all know their names but we already have a donkey called Donk who is far too old to change his ! We spent a few weeks getting to know Honky and asking for suggestions and eventually "Eli" seemed to stick to him. We still call him Honky-Eli sometimes just to make him feel at home.


          Eli came to us in October 2010 when his pony companion, who had been poorly for some time, sadly passed away. His very caring owners knew that no donkey or horse should ever be kept alone and were worried about Eli being by himself.

He is very fluffy  and looks very like Jake but is a darker colour. He is a chunky, strong donkey.


Eli is a donkey who likes you to respect his " bubble". 

When you approach him he turns away as if he's a bit shy.......
but if you walk backwards until he looks at you with both ears........
and then wait......
he'll come to you for a tickle !



All horses and donkeys have a personal bubble. People often don't realise that invading it can make them nervous.

(People have bubbles too - have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who keeps standing too close?)

 Donkeys are usually very easy-going but it doesn't hurt to be polite..! 


 Age.......18 in 2011

 Size:10.3hh (43")

 Colour:..... Gery-brown with white underneath

 Born: Possibly in Cornwall

He absolutely loves attention and being brushed and fussed.

Here he is making some new friends.


Here are Baby Kiwi and Eli learning to wear a saddle.

We let them investigate the saddles and watch other donkeys wearing them and being saddled.

Then every day for a week or so we put the saddle on their back, then do up the girth loosely, then lead them round the yard and take the saddle off again.

When they are happy about it we do up the girths a bit tighter.

Later in the summer Eli will learn to carry things on the saddle.  Kiwi is still too young - she won't be able to carry anything until she is 5 years old.

Eli in the field with all the gang.

Left to right:

Charlie, Peter, Kiwi, Sinead, Giffy, Welly, Donk, Jasper.

 Eli is the Last donkey He is always last, on purpose. He likes to be last. He makes an art of being last. 

If he's not last going out of a gate he'll turn to one side until the others have gone through.

Since Eli loves attention we thought he might enjoy standing in the street for photographs. Here he is going off to work with Sinead....letting her go first of course !


Unfortunately Sinead is a bossy donkey and she was grumpy with Eli all day !

So here he is on duty with Donk and Toby, who usually do this job, and who are kind and friendly.

At first Eli thought it was a bit boring and considered going home.....




But then some people came to stroke him....


And he found some dogs to stare at  
(he also loves chasing dogs !)

..And there was plenty of hay to eat. 

So we think he had a good day.

What a handsome boy !




The Donkeys

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