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Donk is the silly donkey.

If there is anything frightening around it is Donk who takes fright at it. He is scared of bits of paper in people's hands, swinging bags, shadows, puddles, windmills, footballs ............well most things! We tell him he is old enough to know better.

Despite this he is a very patient donkey and does not mind standing in the street for hours so that people can pat him take pictures of him.



This is Donk dozing in the sun in the Spring, before he has lost his long shaggy winter coat.

In summer he looses all his long fur and looks very smart indeed as you can see in the picture below.

He has very stripey legs that look as though he is wearing football socks and has beautiful, shaggy, buff coloured ears.

He was the only donkey to have a long lying-down mane like a horse until we got Charlie .


              In His Winter Coat

Age...31 in 2009

Size: 10hh (39")

Colour:Light brown


Tavistock, Cornwall


Ready for Giving Donkey Rides
- and looking gorgeous.
Do you like those super stripey legs? 

Isaac, Daniel and Donk - Autmn 2002

 In the Sun with Welly - Winter 2003

At the Wedding


Fluffy Donk in January 2007  

Summer Donk in October 2007
Very Handsome Donk with Long Mane and Shaggy Ears
Here is Donk with Wellington ready to go down the cobbled street to pose for photographs.

Welly carries the luggage because he is not as silly as Donk and less likely to drop it. 

  Danny, Isaac and Donk get special feed because they are old.

Here they are begging for their breakfast.

They honk, huff, lick their lips (you can see Donk's tounge sticking out in the picture!), follow you everywhere getting in your way and do their best to get into the Tack Room where the food is.


Hallo Donk ! 

How's this for a gorgeous velvet nose?

On winter weekends the local children come to ride the donkeys. Donk is very popular with them as he is a fast donkey and likes to canter.

He is easy to control but he does sometimes shy at silly things so he is not ridden by beginners.

Here he is ready to go out.

  Here's Freddie, who lives in Clovelly, coming back from a ride on Donk. He and his friends went for a Birthday Party ride in the Hobby Drive.

 His Mum has allowed him to Adopt Donk so now he wants to ride Donk all the time ! 

Donk is very popular with our Adopters - well, he is such a handsome boy!

Gerard van Rijswijck
Hallo Gerard ! You are our first Overseas Adopter
Mark Freeman.

Linda Burrows



The Donkeys
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We would like to say a very big ">>>Thank You<<<" to all Donk's Adopters who are helping very much to keep him in stripey socks.