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The Donkeys


Charlie came to Clovelly, aged just 3, when his owners moved here. 

He was very cheeky and would follow the other donkeys when they were giving rides even though he was much too young to work. He would sleep in the meadow on his side like a foal.

He has a loud and truly amazing voice which sounds like a rusty saw.

When his owners could not pay for his keep they sent him to the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, South Devon. He is now doing very well in their Birmingham centre giving cart rides to disabled people and is one of their Adoption Donkeys. They call him Charlie C.

Charlie Enjoying a Nice Ear-rub.


 Size:10.3hh (43")

 Colour: Broken Coloured - White with brown patches

     Bodmin Moor,

Charlie with a saddle on for the first time.
Looking very smart.

The Donkeys

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