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The Donkeys

Isaac is the boss of the donkey herd and is the second oldest donkey.

He is cheeky but very friendly. In the stable yard he likes to come up behind you and rub his head on your side to make you notice him.

Although we usually call him "Izzy Wizzy", in winter he has such a thick coat that he gets called "Cuddles". He takes so long to get his summer coat that he never looses the thick fur on his legs. If you look at him from the front he seems to be wearing little white shorts and big woolly leg-warmers.



Isaac is a very confident donkey and will go anywhere. He is easy to ride but when he was young he liked trotting along the tops of the roadside banks and jumping any ditches in them.We always had to make sure that his rider could cope with that!

Isaac hates to be bored so when he is he yawns and bangs the ground with his foot.

He never likes to be left out so he still gives some donkey rides but only for smaller children.


   White Shorts and Legwarmers



 Colour:.....Dark Brown
  with white tummy and
  nearly a star on his face.
  (getting more grey
    each year)

 Born: Devon

summer coat

     Looking smart but still with the Legwarmers.

        winter coat

Showing off the New Bar Saddle



What a big yawn.........Sometimes life is just SO boreing!

at wedding.
The Donkeys
At our Wedding - November 2004
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