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The Donkeys


In his Winter Coat


Daniel is the oldest, cleverest and grumpiest donkey.

He likes to have the insides of his ears rubbed but if you stroke him he pretends to bite you and has a good laugh when you jump! He has learnt to untie himself and knows exactly which part of the rope to pull. He can open the stable door bolts from the outside even when the toggle hooks are on and he can pull the doors open and go in. He loves chasing dogs.

In the field he likes to pick up a stick and wave it at the other donkeys to get them to play tug around the field.



dan8.jpg      He is easy to ride and is often the donkey that children ride when they first go off the lead. He has been in Clovelly since he was 6 and has carried many people's luggage up the cobbles from the New Inn but he is now retired as he has some arthritis in one hip. He can often be seen posing for photographs in the High Street with Donk and Amy.




Looking Beautiful  (at 7 yrs old)

In Summer


         ( 41" )

 Dark Brown with
    white tummy. 

 Born: St.Austell,





Isaac, Daniel and Donk - Autmn 2002



Danny and Isaac
at the New Inn
waiting to carry luggage.
The Donkeys

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